Custom wood specialties. Made in the USA.

Creating lasting value,
what Pocumtuck has been about for over 60 years.

We create boxes, but really, we help companies build an image of lasting quality. Because once you place your product in one of our finely handcrafted wood boxes or display items, it's value is immediately enhanced.

That's what Pocumtuck presentation boxes, cases and wall-mounted displays have done for over 60 years. Create lasting value.

It's in the details. Like the hinged clasp that fastens perfectly. Or an inside storage pocket that makes a box functional for years to come.

It's in the big picture, too. Like the reassuring heft of a solid wood box. Or the knowledge that it's made in the USA by a company that cares about a blemish-free finish, a perfectly mitred corned, and a satisfied customer.

Today, because of our experience, and the advantages of our corporate partners, we're able to offer greater capabilities and a higher level of customization. That translates into more options for you. And it gives you more ways, more opportunities, to distinguish your products, to build an image of quality, to create lasting value.

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